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To give and to get
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project „To give and to get“ will invite 18 young people to Lithuania. They will come from Italy, Spain, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, France and Romainia. The project will run for 24 months – first face of volunteering will be from 2016 09 01 till 2017 07 31 (9 volunteers) and second face of volunteering will starto on 2017 09 01 and ends on 2018 07 31 (9 volunteers). Project of The Blessed J. Matulaitis social center in Vilnius is orientated towards poverty and social exclusions groups – children and teenagers from the risk families, who have behavior problems, learning difficulties and towards people with mental disability, their needs of employment and relationship, family and community. This project offers the opportunity for volunteers to learn out of their experiance, promote their abilities to learn in the intercultural area. It is the chance to know better themselves and to improve personal growth. These experiances are more intense because of intercultural environment. There will work volunteers, team of workers (social workers, psichologists, etc.), Lithuanian volunteers and students to fulfill this project. Participation in this project will give an opportunity for organizations to gain a positive intercultural experience that will encourage their clients and employees awareness, solidarity, tolerance, will help to develop their skills, expand their horizons. The project is useful and valuable because young people will have an opportunity to learn, how properly assist for clients in host organizations (disabled people, children and youth, preschool children and local community). It will be the way to better understanding and support these people. Volunteers will learn to choose and organise suitable activities for target groups. The project will be an inspiration for participants to gain new experiences and an encouragement of a spirit of honesty for other people and for experience. Volunteers depending on the selected target group of project will participate in all activities of the day care centers – they will help disabled people to make lunch, to shop in the store, for the children and youngsters will organise their activities and leisure, with children will participate in a events in city centre, will help to organise the summer camps, will participate in staff meetings. Also volunteers will be invited to participate into non-routine activities of the project – cultural events in the city, events organised by church and parish, trips, road trips, summer camps. So the main work methods of the project will be: group work, individual counseling, practical skills workshops, discussions, workshops, non-formal education methods (reflections, various activities, games, etc.).Also we will pay attention to the possibility to spred the idea of volunteering. Early experiance with EVS volunteers has shown that they like to talk about their countries, to share the experiance and motives of volunteering and comming to Lithuania. So we think it is appropriate to invite volunteers to share these things with students and/ or pupils during some special meetings.



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