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To fight or to love... that is the question...
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 16 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project entitled "To Fight or to Love - that is the question” has been prepared in response to the need of an event where by the means of our work we will create something beautiful, lasting and unforgettable. In the light of the recent events around the world, our main goal is to answer the question of what reality we are creating and what world we would want to see around us – fighting or loving. “To fight or to love…” on one hand, to attain the goal we will use such means as discussion and talks about values we think of each day when we make choices. On the other hand, we will prepare a play which takes the form of a series of skits presenting our everyday life. The play will be prepared by the participants during the workshops and performed on the final meeting as a wrap up of our work. The project will be carried out as a multilateral youth exchange in Gdansk, Poland, by a group 50 young people from Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Italy and Poland. The duration of the project is 9 days. During the entire project we will be working first in our country groups and then in teams responsible for particular program activities. We will share all responsibilities so that everyone could experience one’s influence by own involvement. In order for everyone to be engaged in activities of their interests, the participants will choose their workshops according to their preferences. In our activities we will be using practical methods, workshops, exercises, but also we will be discussing in groups various topics connected with fight and love, success and failure, forgiveness and envy, meanwhile trying to justify why love is always the best choice. As a result of our work, we will prepare and perform an armature theatre play and gain lots of multimedia – videos, presentations, project website. It will effect in a development of group work ability and the participants will gain some stage experience. Also, they will get to know new cultures, history, and will realize that when working together there are no cultural, religious or social barriers. Each participant will come home convinced how unique one is and will realize how much more creative may be. In the light of what is happening across the Polish eastern border, the whole project will not only be a time of reflection for the participants but also for the others on what is more valuable in life: love or fight. Also, we will learn which values should govern a man when it comes to eternity.



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