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To build an Interregional Network of Innovation (TECHLINK)
Date du début: 31 janv. 2004, Date de fin: 28 déc. 2007 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Traditionally industrialised, the regions taking part in this project are currently faced with new competition from countries with low production costs. In order to stay competitive and avoid the risks of delocalisation, these regions must build new competitive forces based on knowledge and innovation, taking as targets important themes like the environment, alternative energy and urban mobility. In this framework, the TECHLINK project is intended to create, in these regions of the Atlantic Area, a culture of innovation and of the exchange of good practices, while developing trans-national co-operation between public and private organisations in the sector of technological innovation (universities, SMEs, technological centres…). On the basis of study of the current situation, the project consists of creating a network of trans-national co-operation which will develop methodologies and tools making it possible to control and guide the evolution of innovation in a continous manner. Achievements: Development of a method to assess the situation of the partners in the project in terms of innovation: an auto-questionnaire has been drawn up which each partner can answer. The results of the questionnaires have been summarised and on the basis of this a training programme has been created and implemented Development of a strategic innovation plan for each region participating in the project. The plan lists the strategic intervention zones in each region Development of tools to aid the dissemination of a culture of innovation and the project: development of an Internet platform and organisation of several video-conferences Promotion of the project to SMEs, universities and technical institutes: organisation of seminars, conferences and workshops. A common methodology has been developed to organise regional events on the subject of innovation. A specific programme has also been implemented to co-finance audits for the creation of strategic innovation plans in some SMEs.



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