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To become an European School
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

PROMOTER The Comprehensive School "Ruggiero-Vanvitelli" is a school institution based in Caserta in the South of Italy. The school intends to apply as PROMOTER ORGANISM for a staff training abroad for some of its teachers (already selected before preparing the application) together with INTERACTING group, a partner very experienced in the field of the European programmes and training activities. OBJECTIVES The project's objective is to meet the needs of the teacher of the school hrough training courses that can give to its teaching staff new perspective in CLIL methodologies and in language skills, using new methodology already implemented and tested in different educational contexts (schools, vocational training and adult education) where the results obtained were fantastic. So the principal aim of the trainings is to give teachers the skills to put this new methodology into practice in their teaching environments and take part in a large evaluation process that coinvolve also other previous school teachers that attended the courses before. In this way the training is also a way to motivate the teacher to find new way of teaching, adjouning their abilities and competences, their life experience, enriching their school curriculum and/or previous experience in the same professional field. The courses to be attended are the following: a) INTERACTING WITH CLIL 19-25/07/2015 (7 days) b) PLAY TO LEARN 25-31/10/2015 (7 days) c) LET'S TELL YOUR STORY 20-26/03/2016 (7 days) METHODOLOGIES & BENEFITS The project, which is based on the typical methods of the Eramsus + programs of the European Commission and in particular on "learning by doing", provides for staff training abroad for 15 teachers in different European countries (IRELAND and UK). The project becomes a kind of completion of a school-training career already started and aimed to improve and enforce the profession of the staff in the school to permit it to offer its students always a better kind of learning. At the end of the course participants will have enhanced their knowledge of how CLIL works and how to use games to drive all parts of the learning process. They will develop resources and activities contributing to the development of pupils thinking skills and personal capabilities and personal development in line with national strategies and curriculum. Participants will learn how to apply the resource of PCLIL games to drive or complement structured learning and given tools to measure the effectiveness of the approach. The courses will connect classroom practice with real life needs. The variety PCLIL games will be presented and contests and controls will be explored. The training will be delivered through multimedia presentations, seminars and workshops. Academic CLIL principles and theories about games are translated to action, which is subject to analysis, review and testing. Training will be delivered through a variety of plenary sessions, seminars and interactive workshops BENEFICIARIES & RESULTS Beneficiaries of mobility in the training covered by the project, as already indicated before, are 15 teachers coming from the staff of the Comprehensive School "Ruggiero-Vanvitelli" The teachers, with this experience, will: - Improve knowledge of the foreign language (English) as vehicular language; - Overcome their possible gaps in training or working; - Strengthen the technical and professional skills they already have from previous courses of study or previous work experience; - Learn new methodologies of teaching; - have the opportunity to exchange ideas and work methods with other teachers, coming from other countries, that will attend the same courses to enlarge their minds and finds new perspectives in the school work. PLANNED ACTIVITIES Preparation before the training on English and social awareness, training activities, care of the main logistical & organizational aspects, monitoring and continuous assessment of project activities, evaluation also post project to see the real effect of the training after the return at work in the school will be the main activities planned for this project, according to the principles of quality set by the partnership agreements. IMPACT The expected impact is very good thanks to the various communication and dissemination planned to be used (internet, tv, radio, newspapers, social networks, seminars, publications/brochures, e-mails, etc.)