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To be children
Date du début: 15 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 14 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our organization and rehabilitation center founded in 2000 for supporting kids and youth with different types of functional disabilities, such as mental disabilities, genetic disease, autism, Cerebral Palsy etc. As Ukrainian statistics data shows our educational system still doesn't have enough opportunities to learn kids with special needs. It means they can't learn basic knowledge and develop themselves together at schools and university. So our organization creates opportunities for kids and youth with functional disabilities to live complete life through rehabilitation, adaptation and integration into society. As we have around 200 volunteers in our organization we are working as well for topics important for them. We organize trainings, meetings, events for discussing this sensitive question, help our kids through programs "House of guardianship" , methods Montessory and Peto, different forms of art activity, sports games. Since we was accredetated to bring volunteers for EVS we decided to make a project where internatonal young participants will pend time with our kids almost every da. In this case there are the following objectives of project: 1) to bring new forms of activities with children by volunteers 2) to provide sharing knowledge between youth and Ukrainian children 3) to develop intercltural exchange between Ukraine and partner-country 4)to support non formal education 5) to promote the importance of working with children with disabilities. 6) to emphasize the actuality of tolerance in modern world We want to invite two participants and we need open-minded, kind, responsible volunteers with some background in working with kids. It can be some voluntary or charity, practice lessons in schools or some common activities. But we also need to find that volunteers who understand the importance of our project and ready to do all good for kids. Participants are free to create any types of activities with kids: painting pictures using paints, colorful sand, chocolate, food; papier mache; making theater; dancing; singing; learning English or even the language of home country volunteers; playing games outside (as we have a place to do air activities); learning poems; cooking and others. We hope that all participants will find out that all using activities should develop kids from different sides, learn them skills and knowledge that will be useful for children to be involved in society. We provide full encouragement for volunteers as they can ask any help or advice mentors, coordinators, organizators. We are also going to keep in touch with partner organization about current situation on project. As the results of a project it is our hope that new type of activities will be brought by volunteers. New persons - new minds and ideas so we are waiting that some innovation will b appear in our work. Some new methods or practices may be invented. After this experience all our center can open ' second breathe' . We will spread the idea about helping kids with disabilities over Ukraine and outside. It will be also good experience for volunteers personalities and they can change their minds, renew life purposes and influence their organization and society in general.



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