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To attract in the Atlantic rural areas new actives using in their jobs information and communication technologies (SOHO SOLO)
Date du début: 30 juin 2003, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is intended to encourage a welcome for SOHO/SOLO (workers who wish to change lifestyle by moving to the countryside, and who partly telecommute from home using information and communications technology) in rural parts of the Atlantic Area. Five types of actions are planned: 1.Welcome the demand and simplify SOHO/SOLO job searches. 2.Create supply by developing local projects. 3.Integrate SOHO/SOLO workers into local businesses. 4.Disseminate best practices and create a multilingual web site. 5.Organise searches for SOHO/SOLO living in cities outside of the Atlantic Area. The primary goals are to: ·Develop skill centres through welcoming new arrivals ·Bring new skills to rural areas; favour economic development and polycentrism in these areas; reinforce the A.A.s image as a welcoming business area. Achievements: ✔ The directory of listed soho/solo has been drawn up and put online on the project website,; the regional strategies have been approved and implemented; the resource centre is now available to soho/solo via a system of online booking; the resource centre has been promoted via the project website and the websites of the BIC (Business Innovation Centres) partners and equivalent ✔ More than 300 presentations have been given to local government representatives; 20 local projects have been launched in the partner regions of the project ✔ The platform is fully operational in all the regions and provides a service which includes advice and support to companies; setting up contacts and networks; an information centre and guidance in press relations ✔ The site received over 3,500 visits in February 2006, each one showing an average of over 10 pages consulted; 250 BIC and equivalent have been contacted through newsletters and emailing campaigns; 15 BIC, equivalents and other organisms have expressed considerable interest in adapting the initiative of the SOHO SOLO project in their region ✔ 1208 soho/solo have been contacted, 62 of which have begun relocation procedures



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  • 2000 - 2006 Atlantic Area
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