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TirolerInnen auf der Walz 2016
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"TirolerInnen auf der Walz 2016" - „Tyroleans on the Road 2016“The project objective is to promote the transfer of Tyrolean students in vocational education and Tyrolean apprentices to European companies, offering them possibilities to gain work experience and to improve language skills. During their vocational training learners will increase their professional qualification and employability.We intent to send about 185 students and apprentices of Tyrol to companies in Europe. The average training period will be between 4 and 20 weeks. During their placements trainees will improve their language skills, professional and social competences such as flexibility, persuasiveness, ability to handle work pressure, contact to colleagues/senior staff/external people. They will also obtain an insight in other cultures, mentalities and enterprises. The project consists of a network of European intermediaries, receiving enterprises, sending partners of regional companies and vocational education schools (e.g.: secondary schools and colleges) such as the HLW Reutte, HBLA West, Zillertaler Tourismusschulen, Villa Blanka, HLW Landeck and Tyrolean companies for example: Swarovski Optik KG or THÖNI Industriebetriebe GmbH.The planned project (scheduled for 24 months and starting in June 2016) is a long-term strategy in order to offer ongoing EU-granted placements to young Tyroleans. The demand on the part of students in vocational education is increasing, also the number of apprentices taking part. The project is managed and coordinated by the Local Agency Tyrol and it´s experienced staff, in close with the sending institutions as well as with the regional Chamber of Labour and the Tyrolean Government. The special character of the project is the use of expertise of previous projects and established links with social and regional partners.The projects´ information and awareness activities will continue all over the project period, in form of e.g.: press releases, facebook, entries in (partner) websites etc.



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