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TIME FOR YOUTH 2015 - tools for support of youth professional competences
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our organizations from Poland, Scotland and Estonia have been cooperating with each other for many years, and are planning to establish a project dedicated to support an educational system and a vocational education. We have recognized some problems concerning employers and students from vocational schools. Employers search employees who, except of knowledge, have the practical skills. The present system does not offer the employers a possibility to verify the employees’ skills. Youth have got some problems with having vocational practices and recognition of their vocational competences, which were gained during extracurricular education. Moreover, during the past few years, there has been a significant increase of employers’ expectations of soft (social) competences which are not taught (almost at all) in vocational schools. According to our research, which have been made during the innovation project POKL, 1/3 employers declared that vocational knowledge and skills could be easily caught up (and those kinds of workshops are financed by employers for employees). Unfortunately, youth that come to work do not have skills to work in teams and to solve the problems. What’s more, they even create unnecessary problems to themselves. Additionally, youth are not creative, open-minded to new challenges and they do have some problems with social communication. At the same time, there is more youth who graduate from high schools and universities and they also go to the vocational trainings that give them national certificates, for example lifeguard, paramedic, youth worker etc. Many of vocational courses like: basics of finances, logistics, coaching, human resources management – are not considered as important by the educational system. To meet those needs our partnership is planning to establish a project that supports educational system and vocational education by creating a model of 5 integrated tools which are: - System of vocational competences cards (EURO26 Card with chip with additional functionality – collecting points for internships, courses, practices and other forms of vocational and personal development) with a software servicing the cards - System of vocational competences certification (gained from formal and extracurricular education) together with the software servicing this certification - Strategy of combining transversal partnership (which cooperate with the systems mentioned above and are responsible for implementation). About 18-22participants from our organizations will cooperate with the project. In our transversal partnership there will be more than 60 people from all sectors. About 1000 students from vocational schools will be testing our card and taking part in our researching. Those results of intellectual work are made from our cooperation with strategic partners, exchanged experience, good practices and workshops – that will create new methodology and will increase skills of all partners. As long-term benefits – based on our experience from mutual innovational project - we would like to implement part of those solutions to reality in Poland, during realization of that project ( based on funds from municipality / government sources). In perspective of 2018 the project will cover about 10 000 students (only in Poland!)



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