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TiM21- Teachers in Movement towards 21st century teaching
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“TiM21" is a project aimed at enriching students and staff with the opportunities to experience different approaches to sustainable development, within a school and together with, our partner schools. "TiM21" intends to deal with various aspects related to sustainability such as; Society, Economy, Environment, Nature, Education, Motivation and Leadership. The project hopes to achieve a truly global dimension to both teachers and students learning through shared work, working towards common goals, supporting each other and developing 21st Century resources in education, which will in turn help and contribute the overall development of students and teachers; not only in partner schools, but in all schools that have the willingness to progress and shift from traditional teaching to more interactive and engaging 21st century teaching and learning. Through students and teachers´exchanges we will be able to create working groups, which will consist of specialist teachers, that will focus on creating resources for our online platform. Through the educational exchanges and visits among the partner schools, students will have the opportunity to expose themselves to different cultures, institutions; they will have the opportunity to attend classrooms and take part in activities in partner schools, which will enable them to practise their language skills to come up with innovative ideas, to enahce their leadership skills, and to experience life outside their everyday environment. Upon their return to their schools, students and teachers will be asked to present their experience and to teach other students/teachers what they have learnt. Our partnership can act as an online platform for the exchange of innovative experiences in the field of educational sustainability. Our partners include : 1. Spain: Instituto Secular "Hijas de la Natividad de María" - CPR Nuestra Sra del Carmen 2. Hungary: Vásárhelyi Pál Kereskedelmi Szakközépiskola 3. Cyprus: Highgate Private School Limited 4. France: Maison Familiale Rurale D'education Et D'orientation De Midi Pyrenees "TiM21" will include activities like: - Interschool Public speaking and presentation skills training and competition - Interschool Science fair - Interschool recycling and compost training and creating jewellery through recycled material - Interschool Financial Literacy Fair. Design competition. Training in recycling materials to create something new. - Holding specialist lectures within topic areas - Developing video blogs - Cumulating online booklets on outstanding pedagogical ideas for classroom practice. - Renewable energies…. We are sure the results of this partnership will be vast and its impact on staff and students great. The impact being: - It will enlighten students about aspects of different cultures. - It will help students reinforce learning within this project to their own educational studies in their school. - Students may gain a more mature and accepting nature for those of different cultures and background. - Teachers will have the opportunity to exchange pedagogical ideas for classroom practice. - Teachers will be able to gain an insight into the teaching practices of our European neighbours We believe that the use of renewable resources and recycling materials has to be a life-long practice to impact the world we live in today. We want to sustain this aim further, through schools exchanges, holding workshops for the local schools to encourage continued use of renewable resources and the sharing of good practice within sustainability.


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