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Tıkla,Sürükle,Çimdikle:Etkileşim Her Yerde
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Hamiyet Sevil Secondary School is located in the town of Akçakoca in the West Black Sea Coast of Turkey. The school was built in 1997 with the donations of a businessman called Zeki Sevil.It was named after his mother Hamiyet Sevil. In the same building Hamiyet Sevil Primary School also exists. All classrooms are well equipped with computers and projectors and all computers are connected to the Internet . There are 24 classes from first to eighth grade and the classes are organized in one shift . The school has 578 students and 31 teachers involved in various activities . Our institution's plan in the next year is putting emphasis on the professional development of the teachers,development of teacher competencies,increase quality in teaching,promoting creativity and innovation,,applying the new methods of teaching to all of our students,especially students with special needs and students with less abilities by individual approach in teaching,providing a better opportunity for personal growth and development,and also improving the quality of our teaching. In the forthcoming period we wish to encourage the professional development of our staff through the development of digital competences of our students as well as our teachers. We also want them to teach our students how to learn and encourage them to take initiative and entrepreneurship as well as developing their cultural awareness and creativity by enriching and expanding the curriculum plan . We are going to participate in the project with 3 teachers and 1 administraitor.The staff is chosen for this project according to their academical and language backgrounds and their attitudes against professional development.The reason why our school is interested in technological literacy is because of the transformational movement that is stated in our school’s strategical plan.The future that lies in front of us doesn’t only bring us the responsibility to memorize and recite the information.For this reason our desire to be the producer and active user of the information is the causal summary of our project. The target group of our project is our students and every six in ten students have a computer or tablet at their homes which is connected to the Internet.All of our teachers have a computer at home that is also connected to the Internet.So with the responsibility of being a teacher in our minds,it wasn’t hard for us to determine the need for education in this field.It is obviously seen in the statistical data that this project is going to fill a cognitive field that is being noticed to be blank for a long time. The most critical effect of our project will show itself at this point.Our school which has been equipped according to our state’s new policy requires sophisticated administraitors,teachers and students as well as new technological devices.Even though the FATİH project is mostly known as the distribution of smartboards and tablet PCs to the schools,the real aim is to start an educational revolution in schools.We support this campaign as our school and want to send our reformist teachers to the United Kingdom for this in-service training project. Through new knowledge and contacts,our desire is to raise awareness,tolerance and knowledge about cultures and countries in which our teachers will travel,and also to expand Turkish knowledge , experience and culture . Our goal is to build international contacts and to act in order to develop a sense of European identity.Except they are holding demonstrative lessons , workshops and examples of good practice at the level of our institutions , they are also successfully involved at the national seminars , international conferences and symposiums. By the help of lectures,workshops and examples of good practice they will be able to meet with other European colleagues and exchange experience on a wider level, which is a very important element in individual training . According to these knowledge and skills the expansion and enrichment of the school curriculum will take place and provide a better connection among all entities of education system. They will accomplish greater synergy with organizations active in various social, educational and business areas. We plan to be the impact of the project to expand to the entire school community , to raise awareness about the importance of investing in professional development , expand awareness of European values , inclusion of all participants in the educational process in the evaluation and dissemination of project results , impact on the local community , encouraging new partnerships and projects at the level of the European Union . We strongly believe this project to be a milestone in our school’s history with its planning,the needs it will meet,its target group,observation and evaluation activities,dissemination of its results and its contributions to our school.