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Through Theatre To Talents

The project's aim was to upgrade the skills of professionals who work in rehabilitation services and who use theatre as a means for the social integration of people with mental health problems. The aim of this Programme was also the exchange of experiences and good practices among the ten partners who participated, from the following countries: Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Slovenia. Another aim of this Programme was the creation of a European Network of Organizations that use artistic activities for people with mental health problems, thus creating a bridge that will link the promotion of art with the promotion of health. In parallel, the Programme contributed in the combating of the stigma attached to mental illness and the cultivation of a positive attitude towards people with mental health problems. Six transnational meetings were realized during the 2 year project in which the partners from the 10 different organizations were involved equally in all activities. In the framework of these meetings, various activities were realized, therefore the professionals involved were trained in therapies through art, by the exchange of ideas and discussions, workshops and by attending artistic performances and theatre plays performed by people with mental health problems. The professionals involved had the opportunity through the 2 years project to learn from each other, through discussions and workshops as well as from the exchange of experiences of the work of colleagues. All the partners involved in the project are experts in their field, offering artistic productions, by promoting the social integration of mentally ill people through theatre activities.The professionals succeeded in realizing activities through art and managed to share their own experiences and the acquired knowledge with their colleagues and other mental health professionals in their own countries.



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