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Through local action to future heights!
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Centre “Kaleydoskop” will host 2 EVS volunteers coming from Italy for a project of 10 months in the field youth leisure, art and culture. The volunteers will be involved in several activities supported by Kaleydoskop. The main aim of the Centre is creating conditions for development and support of initiatives, personal self-determination and self-realization of children, youth and families, and promoting their involvement into governmental, economical and social processes occurring on the territory of the municipality “The City of Kirov”. All centre’s activities are aimed at three groups: - children, - youth, - families. But the main attention centre pays for work with families because it is the basic social institution. Working with families centre works at the same time with children and youth and effect of our work is more systematic and long-term. The main tasks of centre’s activities are the following: - Organization and implementation of activities, intended for work with children and youth; - Participation in the prevention of antisocial behaviour in adolescents, youth and families; - Participation in ensuring the conditions for the development of physical culture and sports, organization of sports and recreational activities for children, youth and families; - Participation in the creation of conditions for public entertainment of children, youth and families; - Participation in support of socially-oriented non-profit organizations, charities and volunteerism; - Participation in informing about the activities of local governments. EVS volunteers will be involved in regular activities of the centre and at the same time be able to contribute with their own ideas and experience and carry out mini-projects. The duration of service is 10 Months, countries involved – Russian Federation and Italy, number of volunteers – 2. The methods applied are those of non-formal education and learning and intercultural communication.


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