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Through interactive basic to additional knowledge
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Before the sart of the Project, all partners have done needs analysis and have conducted workshops with partners and pupils, in order to find a solution for one of the main problems in education system – how to increase pupils interest in self-education. We intend to address this problem in our project by producing a web based teaching material for pupils based on Geocaching game elements, in order to make learning process more interesting and to combine various classes into one learning material, also to improve language knowlege and IT skills. The aims of the project are directly linked to improve education processes by making learning more interesting to pupils, to encourage self-education, thus improving pupils grades and knowledge. The project in its various stages, whether it be the development, dissemination or programming, will involve a wide range of people, such as teachers, coordinators, pupils, headmasters, school associations, parents. Teachers from all partner organizations will take part in the project, and will have great knowledge and expertise, in order to develop a good quality teaching material. The main activities of the project involve development of a web based teaching material for pupils 7th – 9th grades, which includes various learning tasks, and by completing the tasks, one will receive GPS coordinates of „Target points”, which usually will be historicaly or geographically important points for the country. A comprehensive description of the target points will also be provided. Also, manuals for teachers and pupils will be developed in order to explain the new product, give hints on how to use it, how to integrate it into the existing learning system, explain benefits of using it etc. By realizing this project, pupils will become more interested in education processes, will be more motivated to get involved in learning processes, increase their knowledge because they will perceive this as a adventure thus actually wanting to learn. Thus the learnign process will become more pupil oriented, will better meet the needs ofpupils and will improve overall knowledge and grades of pupils. The project is intended for pupils 7th – 9th grades, however we intend that the methodology will be taken and implemented in learning processes of other classes. The web based material will be free of charge for everyone to see and take advantage of it. It will be possible to improve/supplement the product all the time, to make new tasks, make new Target points, and we intend to encourage pupils to do that in oder to improve their knowledge, thus improving the sustainability of the project (learning material).



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