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This world is my country! (Bu dünya Benim Memleket)
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project’s content is migration, immigrants, immigrant experiences, prejudices and feelings of that country’s people to the immigrants, the works governments do for immigrants’ problems, activities towards cultural exchange; we want to do activities which support young’s active participation. Thanks to those activities participant will know different cultures closely and if they have any prejudices breaking them, and move away from ethnocentrism.The purpose of our project is to analyze the world-wide immigration concept, affecting the life socially, economically, and culturally according o European aspect and to point out concomitant factors like prejudice and racism. We aim to move sense of empathy by increasing communication and acculturation between people. Thus, we want to draw attention “cannot sense of belonging both country “which immigrants be exposed. For this reason, we tried to find our participant from the country which has more immigrants. Moreover, we aim that, participants will know different countries’ people closely and eliminate the prejudices towards different countries and people; also we want them to improve their tolerance sense and move away from ethnocentrism. Our participant will be 8 people from each 6 different countries. Four out of eight will male and female. So, 24 male 24 female in total project will be consisting of 48 people. So we will be providing gender balance automatically. Since migration has different effect on woman and man, we want to equate woman-man numbers. Each country will try to find two out of six participants immigrants. Thus, during the project when the occasion arises, we would benefit from their experiences. Also, two out of six participants will be financially limited. Thus, inopportunity young will see what they can manage when have opportunities. We will do our activities between 12 and 17 July 2016 in Yozgat. We did our activities to provide cultural exchange between participants and to point out prejudice and racism.We will draw attention address mapping and health problems in one of our activities. Thus, participants will be learning through immigrants’ problems. We will teach a Turkish lesson and we will test whether they understand or not, or how they could understand. Thanks to this activity, participant will understand how immigrants feel at lessons. In activity called “Why a person abandon his/her country? “ we will find out that question’s answer all together. Thus, participants will understand why immigrants abandon their country or why they have to do it. In “Voiced Library” activity, we will visit refugee guesthouse and so they will examine their life story from their own mouth. Thus, they will experience different experiences and they will improve their tolerance sense by taking lesson from refugees’ life story. In another activity, we aim to point out people’ problems who live with immigrants. In one of our activities, creative drama and role playing techniques will be used and participants will deduce by acting out different countries applications. Participant will make a short film about “Migration and Prejudice” as a group. They will deduce about migration and prejudice concepts as well as improve both their communication and interaction skills. We will give our participants a paper and want to do the missions written on paper, and we will test their attention. Thus they will observe how they are careful. Moreover, thanks to meeting and icebreaker games they will improve their communication skills and know different people. In our project we did activities for young’s active participation and activities are based on learner based education. Also our activities consist of role playing and empathy activities. So, we will use modern education methods. Thus participants will be center of learning and it will always increase their motivation and interest. That’s why active learning will be taking place and knowledge will be permanent. Our project’s effect is our participant will struggle prejudice against immigrants with consciousness we want to create. Finally, the relationship between partners will continue via social networks and results will reach more people. Thanks to press, people will learn more things about project and it helps people to be conscious about prejudices against immigrants. In the long term, we desire that people will become more tolerant by empathizing with immigrants.



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