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This is a Green´s World
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In Europe, young people are facing real difficulties and increasing employability. In the past 20 years, the number of unemployed youth has tripled on average, adults in this situation and, at present, there are regions where the rate becomes five times higher than adult unemployment. Their condition before the crisis, in his dual capacity of young and mostly temporary, has grown even more in recent years. This is why we urge solutions and emergency measures that facilitate the integration of young and confirmation of new employment paths. Thus, this project arises, in which six European partners have proposed to increase employability among youth at social exclusion of 16-30 years based on a growth sector, as is the green economy, socially inclusive and a real job opportunity.The objectives of this project are:-Promote social and professional integration of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, offering them a useful tool to access the labor market.-Facilitate theoretical and practical knowledge based on non-formal learning, related to bio, organic farming and promoting sustainable development.-Create a cooperation network to exchange experiences among organizations working in the field of youth, to establish lasting relationships and contribute to the development of youth policies, employment and volunteering.-Increase the debate, discussion and activities related to youth, of relevance to local communities involved.-Stimulate the training of youth and involve them in identifying issues that are of interest to them, increasing their active participation in public life, and facilitating cultural diversity through the exchange of experiences.-Identify the needs of youth at risk of social exclusion in local communities, analyze and propose alternatives for labor integration.The work plan includes:-Seminar in Germany (October 2015) for youth workers on employment, focusing on the opportunities offered by the green economy.-Local workshops focused on green jobs for the edition of individualised business plans.-An online Green Business competition will be organized to select the best business plan in Europe.-Transnational meetings to improve information systems to young people about entrepreneurship, UK (March 2016), Cyprus (October 2016) and Spain (April 2017)- Creating a virtual network focused on youth employment through new methodologies and sectors.- Editing a Web and social networking profiles specific to the project.The results:- Creation and design of at least 140 business plans focused on the green economy by young people from 6 European countries.- Editing a Green Guide containing all the project activity to facilitate the inclusion of youth in social exclusion in the labor market, through green jobs.- In addition, 80 workers and youth technical personnel receive updated information on green economy employment counseling for youth training, providing new tools to access its labor market success. Among them, a guide for workers, including employment insertion methodologies for youth. The project will involve all stakeholders in the field of youth, environment, employment and social integration in the work plan, which will run for 24 months. The impact, therefore, refers not only to young people and youth structures of the participating organizations, but to other key players that take part in the process and benefit from the activities and results.



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