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Think, Share, Learn!
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Think, Share, Learn!” - Training course on competence development of young people with fewer opportunities by cooperative learning structures through youth work activities will be held in Recoaro Terme, Italy from the 5th till the 12th of November 2016. We will have 33 participants from Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Poland and UK. As youth workers we have been working with young people with fewer opportunities with special focus on unemployed young people, migrants kids, rural youth, Roma young people, minority young people and we have to improve our youth workers’ capacity to invent, prepare, use and adapt such type of creative and innovative methods, techniques and tools which can be useful in our youth work for the sake of our target groups. It is very hard nowadays to motivate young people with fewer opportunities to be part of any type of activities but it is even harder to keep them involved into it. So the main reason of our projects is to explore the techniques of cooperative learning, how it can be adapted into our local youth work realities. Cooperative learning techniques can improve transversal skills, emotional quotient, and social skills of young people with fewer opportunities through youth work activities. By youth work activities our aim is to develop the interpersonal competences of our target groups according to their needs, so having main focus on listening, respect different opinions, leadership, problem solving, conflict solving, help to each others, critical thinking, creative thinking, etc. Besides these transversal skills, it is essential to develop and improve their EQ with special focus on self-esteem, self-control, self–motivation, empathy, partnership. Young people with fewer opportunities need to be supported to feel important, to make self – assessment, to get positive messages, to recognise their own values and experience to be important part of the community. During cooperative learning, they can experience and recognise how good to be a member of a diverse group, taking responsibility for each others, supporting each others, enjoying a group work, developing communication skills, to be committed, to be creative, to be motivated, etc. These skills are necessary nowadays to enter to the labour market and even to be happy and successful in our work and family lives. For that we need to find innovative and creative and useful methods which can provide appropriate support for young people in need. In order to achieve that, we, as youth workers have to develop ourselves, our youth workers’ competences and learn to use and adapt useful techniques and structures for the success of our work, success of our target groups and for the success of the future of European Union. Our overall aim is to understand the meaning of cooperative learning, to explore its techniques and structures and adapt it into youth work realities based on the needs of young people with fewer opportunities. Being able to understand the different motivation factors of young people and how it can be used within youth work activities. Being able to prepare, run and evaluate youth work workshops by using techniques and structures of cooperative learning on developing social skills, communication skills, decision making skills, know – how, information skills, critical thinking, creative thinking and cooperation skills of young people with fewer opportunities. Initiate local and international youth projects, workshops, activities, etc. by using cooperative learning structures and share and improve its methodology regarding youth work activities. The training course will be built on the methodology of non – formal education and based on the techniques and structure of cooperative learning. Participants will get the chance to participate actively in a cooperative learning process then make a meta – reflection in order to assess the techniques and structures and adapt it into their daily youth work based on the needed competence development of their target groups. The training course will be learner – centred and have a vast focus on the diversity of the group and the different learning styles of participants. It will be specialised into group working processes nevertheless there will be provided a huge meta – reflection part on attention with the individual self –assessment, feedback, dialogue space and assessment of group dynamics, methods, techniques used and professionally can be adapted. The Manual on cooperation learning in youth work context for competence development of young people with fewer opportunities will be made in digital and hard copy form and will be translated into different languages. Our partnership network will give support to each other locally to adapt the newly learnt techniques to the local youth work realities and invent together international youth projects.



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