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Therapeutic orchard for ASD students
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As a professionals in the area of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) innovation and research are within our educational practice, so, it’s for these reason why we wanted to find a resource that would be liable to be structured by our educational action and secondly to be as rich as possible in sensory stimulation to provide a quality education. From these reasons, the creation of this Project: "Therapeutic Orchard". We want to take advantage of the school environment of each of our schools for the creation of a garden as a therapeutic resource. In addition we want to investigate its effect taking into account the different educational approaches in the participating countries. The general aims that we propose in this project are: - To approach the students to the nature - To get that activities in the garden was enjoyable and motivating. - To Promote family involvement in the treatment of their children making them see the importance of the garden as an effective therapeutic activity. - To promote the participation of the countries that are part of the Erasmus + project, taking particular relevance different experiences and exchanges of these, constituting a draft character and European dimension. - To include aspects of previous projects developed on different platforms (e-Twinning, Facebook and Blog) and Comenius projects. Proposed activities: Design the orchard space - Monitoring of photography and final exhibition - Preparation of recipes and cooking workshop. - Making a greenhouse - Planning teaching units - Transverse axis The methodology to be used shall be as follows: Step 1. Design and planning in a work meeting Step 2- Development and implementation by each partner in your School. During this step is necessary to establish contacts with other partners (via mail, skype ...) to answer questions, provide improvements ... Step 3.-Presentation formal implementation in the next working session, through PowerPoint, Prezi ... including photographic, audiovisual media and so on. In the develop of the project will form part not only teachers, tutors, speech therapy, physiotherapist, doctors, assistants of especial education, janitor, administration personal and students from the university, so, we want to give to the project an interdisciplinary nature. The impact that we hope with this project will be: - This project promotes a better relation with ASD students and the professionals who work with them and with the different local institutions, which make easier the knowledge of the different disabilities and demystify the treatment with them. - Al regional level, we hope more awareness about the projects that the ASD students or people with learning disabilities can carry out. - Being able to take part in this project, allow us to offer our innovate practice in the special education area to others schools which want to carry out another similar project. - This project allow us to see the realities of others schools in different levels (national and european) and give us resources which improve our educatives practices. - When the project will be finished, each partner will do dissemination about the process and the results by media such as: digital platforms, local and national press, television and son on in order to people know our project. Each participating partner will be responsible for the dissemination of project results through publication in the bloc, in different digital platforms you are using and contact with the media with which collaborates. The project results will be sent, if required, to all those government agencies, schools, professional educational psychology field and so on that request to be useful in the educational area.



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