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Theatrical Art as a Tool for Intercultural Dialogue Creation
Date du début: 1 sept. 2011,

The training course is designed as a process of non-formal learning and peer education involving participants from different countries who work with young people, have experience in the fields of youth work, youth arts and international cooperation. Participants are required to have an active input in sharing knowledge and experience, and to be willing to learn new skills, in the dramatic arts and intercultural youth work, from the trainers and each other. This active participation will encourage ownership of the learning, motivation and comittment to working together, building effective international working relationships, making the training an exercise in best practice. Using theatrical arts within the Youth in Action Program is a very valuable tool for developing intercultural learning, cooperation and quality projects in the youth field among all the regions concerned. This training course is designed to encourage partnership building activity, development of intercultural youth projects and networking among promoters from southern EU, Mediterranean Partner Countries, Eastern Europe and Caucasus regions in the framework of the Youth in Action programme. The project is focused on the individual creative development of each participant and sharing such intercultural competences as appreciative inquiry, open minded personality, respect and trust, mutual understanding and team work. Through cultural relationships we strive to generate opportunities for individuals to fulfill their potential and foster the co-operation that contributes to a stable world. All these activities are organized for and will be developed with 26 young youth workers and volunteers coming from 15 partners from 14 countries: Romania, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Egypt, Turkey for six days, between 24-31 SEPTEMBER.



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