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Theatre Training for Intercultural Cohesion
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main aim of this project is to foster solidarity in Europe, promoting raising awareness processes on the current refugees crisis.The specific objectives of the project are:• To raise awareness at local and European level about the current refugees crisis in Europe.• To empower youth organisations, NGOs and CSOs from EU and Balkan region, offering them new tools based on art and creativity to boost their social interventions.• To share among partner organisations best practices and experiences in youth work focused on dealing with cultural differences and promoting inclusion and solidarity.• To promote new networking initiatives between EU and Balkan youth organisations, NGOs and CSOs, in order to create common answers to refugees’ crisis.• To foster the role of youth work in EU and Balkan region in tackling relevant social issues at European level.According with the objectives and priorities of the ERASMUS+ Programme, and especially of the KA2 Capacity Building in the field of youth, this project aims at:• Fostering cooperation and exchanges in the field of youth between Programme Countries and Partner Countries from Balkan region;• Improving the quality and recognition of youth work, non-formal learning and volunteering in Partner Countries (Balkan region), enhancing their synergies and complementarities with the society;• Promoting transnational non-formal learning mobility between Programme and Partner Countries (Balkan region), targeting young people with fewer opportunities, improving participants' level of competences and fostering their active participation in society.



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