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Date du début: 15 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 15 janv. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The proposed project is a multilateral youth exchange activity, planned to be implemented in Limassol. The goal of the exchange is to bring together people with fewer opportunities and disabilities and with the use of non- formal learning methods , such as workshops , round-table discussions, self-expression techniques and dramatic play to create a common theatrical event/ performance. Our goal is to enable the young people of our organizations - mainly people with disabilities and fewer opportunities to participate in this joined program of activities and with their active participation to enhance the acquisition of awareness of different social and cultural realities, to learn from each other, to develop the spirit cooperation, acceptance, to offer them a space and the opportunity to express their feelings, their views, their personal and local reality, to share knowledge and experiences and to strengthen their sense of identity as European citizens. We want to enable young people of our organizations to travel abroad, meet peers from different countries, who face similar difficulties and also share common interests, such as expression through theater. The proposed project will last in total four months. During this period we will be systematically communicate with our partners, by having teleconferences, in order to coordinate our workshops at local level, the results of which participants will present during the exchange. Also it is necessary to implement a preparatory meeting, due to the special needs that our participants have. The total number of participants is 60 (10 young participants, aged between 18 to 30 years old, along with 2 leaders from each partner organization). The dates of the exchange is at 20-26 September 2014 (setting the September 19 as the arrival day and the 27th as the departure day). Planned activities include name games, ice breaking activities, outdoor activities, roundtable discussions, workshops, theatrical games and presentation of theatrical performances. The expected results are that young participants will gain essential skills that will support their personal development, social inclusion and their role as active citizens, improving in this way and their skills in job prospects. The impact of the results will provide significant added value for both young people themselves and also for the society.



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