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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The goal of the project is to increase the awareness of diversity among various groups of people. This shall be accomplished by each partner school by creating a presentation about the culture, history and heritage of its city and its country. Participation can be extensive between all of the partner cities by the use of webinars. As a result of the webinars the cost of the participation shall be relatively low. Each partner will have the responsibility of creating a program to inform the other partner school. The webinars shall be conducted on a bi-monthly basis. The goal of the webinar will be to educate the partner schools about the history, customs and traditions in the participating countries. Each partner school will receive information and will be responsible for the education of the non-participating schoolmates about the partner schools. This can be accomplished through an informational meeting, article in a local newspaper ,school publication or via any other source. Each partner school shall have a team leader who will be responsible for the progress and the flow of information and for the preparation of the webinar. It is expected that each partner school will prepare three webinars in the length of one hour each. It is also expected that each partner school shall have to present one webinar bi-monthly. The project results shall be available for free and accessible to the public thereby providing a long term benefit for all parties who might later have interest in learning about the various results. It is also the desire to raise awareness of all participants of the various cultures of Europe. The project shall consist of the following: Year 1 – History of the community and the region. This shall be conducted via research and through the direct interview of family members who have experiences from the past 50 years. The results shall be published in an informational book. Year 2 – Traditions and customs of the country. This shall be done via personal experience of the participants and also through research. The biggest holiday of each country shall be presented through the creation of a DVD which shall highlight the specific celebration. Year 3 – Traveling in the region of the community. The results shall be published in the form of a guidebook.



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