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The World Keep Dreaming
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The World Keep Dreaming is a youth exchange in which six entitiesf rom Spain, Romania, Poland, Austria, Italy and Turkey participate. To be held in Malaga Cártama since July 30, to August 5.The project aims to encourage reflection on the active role it played in shaping our environment and territory. To continue with this RPG World Dreaming where we form our tribe, and now we create our ideal city where we would live. Participants become members of the tribe through the rite of passage after creating your dream, your avatar and your ideal home. To do this you can use the project results obtained teaching World's Dreaming working method we propose for this activity, will focus from the individual to the collective, the young raise their "dreams" and direct their actions in the learning activities planned to achieve them. To this end we propose to create a city in which they themselves will have to develop the culture, customs, norms, institutions, the parameters of coexistence, the work allocation, the imagery of their culture, aesthetics, fashion, etc.The role of each participant develops through artistic form of expression that choose to perform within the tribe, in addition to scheduled activities nightly music sessions will be held. With the activities we want the non-verbal language based communication between the participants, breaking the language barrier. And making it easier for everyone to communicate with the rest. From interaction communication in English will be easier because you will lose the fears and be more open to trying new methods of communication.Create a city can adopt a rolles in which there is no prejudice, stereotypes, social classes, standards of beauty or power and nothing is forbidden. So you can work the values of equality, inclusion, sustainability, multiculturalism from experimentation in the individual. Because everyone is part of the whole that decides. This is easy to understand the established structures and create new sensitivities for differences.The activities will be in groups of six people in each group will have a leader, and groups will be a representative from each country, and will be mixed. These groups change every day so that all people interact with each other.After the exchange, the young participants performed with their different outreach entities, so they can tell their stories in their territories. This activity is aimed to encourage the participation of young people in their territories, it is a way of putting into practice the knowledge acquired. They will choose the format or the dissemination activity they want to do and have the support of their associations to carry them out.



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