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Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 1 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

De wissel is an association for youngsters that through different circumstances are not able to integrate in the society and live at home. As they have social problems, lack of confidence to go to school, they will have support in the different parts of their life. Centrum Molenmoes as part of De Wissel is a project centre that gives different opportunities to youngsters and the volunteers. In hostproject Rizsas the volunteer will take care of different activities during the day according to their interest. The volunteer will make some art, cooking, sport and music workshops and taking part in daily tasks to maintain the places. In Project Molenmoes: the volunteers will take care of the environment of the farm. This means maintain the garden, do ecological workshops, for youngsters and locals, develop a sustainable environment on the place as an example for other organisations. Since one year we have project equicanis where a volunteer will help with the horses and dogs they use in the work with youngsters. Besides that he will take care of practical works on the domain (repairing, technical or wood workshops). He will take care of technical support in the centre and some 'boys'workshops: repair bikes, constructions. In the switch, another section of De Wissel, the volunteer will be part of the team of social workers. She wil take care of activities during free time, day activities and daily tasks in the centre where the girls live. The volunteers will experience and learn by doing. They will get some responsibilities, but not more then what he /she can handle. Interaction with the social workers and mentor will provide them more self confidence in working in the project. They will have the opportunity to learn some technical skills (ecology, garden, handicraft,....) and about the social care network in Belgium. The volunteers will live in Wezemaal near to Centrum Molenmoes. The volunteers will stay for the duration of 12 months. We will have a volunteer from Germany, 2 from Spain and 2 volunteers from Russia.



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