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The Welcome Hostel
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The progject "The Welcome Hostel" is a youth exchange for participants in age between 18-25, that will take place in the city of Molfetta (Italy), municipality on the Adriatic coast. The following activities are foreseen:- an Advance Planning Visit on 23rd and 24th of August gathering 1 leader and 1 participants with fewer opportunities each delegation- a youth exchange from 5th to 10th of September 2016 gathering 25 youngsters, out of 10 with fewer opportunities, at least 2 each delegation. There will be a youth leader every 4 participants, in total 5 mobilities each delegation.This project was inspired from the recent international situation regarding the issue of immigrants, refugies and cultural diversity in general. In the city of Molfetta on 7th - 8th -9th September a local festival of "Madonna dei Martiri" takes place, know as "Fiera di Molfetta". Many immigrants street vendors join this event and for 3 days they set up a market stalls, where to selle any products. In order to offer them recovering and hospitality to sleep over the night, the Molfetta municipality and the "Forum Molfetta Accogliente", where InCo is member, set up a huge tent with toilettes, kitchen and other facilities. The project aim to approach the issue of immigration and hospitality under different points of view, offering to the participants differents roles and giving to a local celebration an international accent.The topic is the one of immigration, cultural integration, hispitality and social inclusion. The project involves groups of youngsters coming from areas in Europe definetly very remote and face every day the issue of immigration and refugees. Except of Inco we have: Coordinadora infantil y juvenil de tiempo libre de Vallecas" (Spagna), "IZIDA" (Bulgaria), Parcours le Monde - Sud Est (Francia), YEU (Cipro).The groups will have the task to play group activities and share with the others, focusing on cultural differences and integration throught role play, simulations, presentation, theatre, visits, workshop, interaction with immigrants and local community. Their objective will be to raise awareness about the topic of immigration and diversity. They will approache the topic offering importants facts in order to understand the real needs and features of those group of immigrants in a such difficoult Europe is facing.At local level the impact of this project is very important because it is the first time in our community a such traditional event get connected to an international project, seen the lack of contact opportunities with foreign countries, we have here. Because of the coincidence of this project with a folkloristic event, attracting public from all over the region, the project risks to have a huge floor and visibility, that can make european opportunities more closer to our youngster, but mainly can strnghten our network of regional and international level of cooperation.



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