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The Values´ Toolbox: Fostering a value based civic dimension in International Youth Work
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Communicating about values within youth work offers and enables a view on specific interests of single persons and particular groups. It also offers information about underlying worldviews and the importance of certain values in a democratic and pluralistic society. Using non-formal methods it is possible to make these complex issues accessible and tangible for youth and young adults within reflexive and discursive processes.The EJBW developed a comprehensive tool for dealing with values within non-formal civic youth education. The so called “Values´ Toolbox”: tested, adopted and implemented in various non-formal settings for youth and adults and meanwhile even provided to other main stakeholders of civic education within Germany. The developed tools, consisting of six modules and various methods are focusing on two main fields of questions:1) Which values are reflected in the society and in us (as persons), and how are they again affecting the social order?2) What happens with those values that are developing besides the “integrative mainstream”? Do they have space to develop and what happens when societies refrains from being open to them?This material is the right base for further developing within an international setting by various European partners. The opportunities provided by the Erasmus+ program, especially under KA2 will be used to implement the proposal (strategic partnership aimed at working on innovation within the education and youth field with a sustainable impact on the participating organizations on the systemic level). In order to develop a high-quality proposal under KA2 the partners decided to meet beforehand and to develop its concept mutually and in close cooperation. In this regard, the main aim of the present proposal is to establish a network of partners through a first seminar (Kick-OFF/Planning Meeting) in order to discuss, to plan and to develop a common proposal under KA2 Strategic Partnership. The seminar (Kick-OFF/Planning Meeting) is therefore aimed at (objectives) focusing on three main levels:4) The emotional realization of “values” on a personal level, organizational level and its context (regional, national)5) Getting to know already existing materials and trends (the existing “Wertzeugtasche”) and detailed examination about the opportunities for its further development, namely of materials according to local, regional & national needs as well as the opportunities for its successful transfer6) Detailed planning of the KA2 cooperationThe participants of the meeting are representatives of the partners; rather occupied in the pedagogical teams and/or in the management of the organizations from Cyprus, Estonia, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Germany. The meeting will take place in late autumn 2016 in EJBW, Weimar (Germany).


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