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The story of me
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The story of me" project aims to support active participation of local community members of Vesela, Fontao and Dobków in their community life through oral history and to give specific transversal skills to adult learners from all 3 communities. In our project we want to focus on building up strong partnership between partner organisations: Vesela vesnice o.s. from Czech Republic, Stowarzyszenie Dobkow from Poland and Asociacion de Vecinos "Minas da Brea" from Galicia, learning from each other good practicies connected to oral history, and develop educational modul which will support adults learners in recording, editing and sharing their stories with wider public, all this with use of ICT. We believe in power of personal story can support local identity, and in the same time strenghten active participation of local community members in community life. We believe that oral history can help us to better understand who we are, better understand a place where we live and learn from the past. During the project we want to organize: - 3 TRANSNATIONAL MEETINGS, in which 3 representatives of each partner organisation (staff members and educators) will take part, they will mainly aim to facilitate smooth communication between coordinators and other team members connected directly to project implementation, but as well to learn from each other good practicies through study visits, content of educational modules which we want to developed will be as discussed during those meetings - 3 BLENED MOBILITIES, in which 6 adult learners from each partner organisation will take part, those will consist of 3 days of intensive online course and 3 days of workshops and study visits (participation in international mobility), they will be provided with translation to local langauges and will have following flow in terms of topics: 1. how to record stories (audio, video), 2. how to edit stories, 3. how to share stories (web) - LOCAL ACTIVITIES, depending on each partner organization, focused on topic of oral history: exhibitions, recording movies, audio guides, educational paths, meetings with eye witnesses and others. Most important project results will be LEARNING OUTCOMES for its participants: specific competences connected to oral history (recording, editing, working with eye witnesses). But we will also develop a project WEBSITE and a FACEBOOK page, which will allow us to share our experience with wider public. The website will include: a description of good practicies, information about our project, some of stories recorded by adult learners, and short spot encouraging others to "preserve personal stories", and it will be available in all languages of the partnership. Furthermore, we will organize TRAININGS FOR MULTIPLIERS (from regional organisations), with whom each of partners will share methodology developed within the project (ICT tools and oral history for adult learners). The longterm impact of the project on individuals will be definatelly connected with rised ICT competences, but also rised motivation to be active in a local community and - in case of seniors - appriciation and recognition which their stories deserve. The impact on local community members will be connected with better understanding of own identity and identity of the place where they live, what will lead to higher participation in a community life. The impact on organisations providing adult educators will be to get tools, which they can easily use to teach seniors how to record, edit and share their personal story. Through a direct cooperation with other local institutions (museums) and local activities (exhibitons, educational paths), we believe that stories recorded within the project will be in long term easily accessible by all community members, and will be inviting for personal reflection and motivating for action.



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