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The seminar - training “Social communication: tips and tools for civil transformation ”
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The seminar - training “Social communication: tips and tools for civil transformation ” is aimed on strengthening the communicational capacities of the youth NGOs working for civil development and peace building and has following objectives: 1. To provide participants with the set of necessary knowledge, skills and tools related to the topic of social communication in NGOs field.2. To raise awareness of the participants about the concept of non-violent communication and its application to the communicational strategies of the participating organizations. 3. To share the best practices of the communicational strategies and tools in the NGOs field. 4. To build up the community of the organizations actively using tools of social communication as a way for civil transformation and peace building and develop new projects together.5. To develop on-line platform with the set of necessary tools for social communication. During the 6- training days 22-27 of November, 19 participants from Spain, Russia, Italy, Scotland, Moldova, Poland, Estonia, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine and Grece will reflect on the topic of social communication in the field of peace building projects, implemented by youth NGOs including:- the power of social communication,- the concept of non-violent communication for communicational strategies of youth NGOs;- tools, methods and strategies for Internal and external communication of youth NGO (off-line and on-line tools);- civil transformation through communication: peace building and conflict resolution;- communicational campaigns.The methodology of the training programme will be built on real examples of communicational strategies of youth NGOs and examples of communicational campaigns. During the training participants will develop the on-line platform where they will collect the best communicational practices that can be used by other youth organizations working for peace and civil transformation. This on-line platform will be presented for big international networks Alliance of European Volunatry Service organizations, Service Civil International and Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Service that will help to share the best practices in Social Communication with peace-building organizations from all over the world.



11 Participants partenaires