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The S-Project
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Street workers' daily work with young people with fewer opportunities, which is struggling with a lack of prospects, unemployment, crime, alcoholism and drug addiction, requires continuous improvement of skills, creating new tools and sharing the most effective methodology. Street educator is extremely undervalued, but according to a study from the European Commission and the Council of Europe is currently the most effective form of activation and social inclusion of young people. It allows you to reach out in partnership with communities troubled youth that has no chance of getting the standard of education, work, or even social acceptance. That's why we decided to invite to Ełk - town in the north of Poland, representatives of six organizations working for working with young people with fewer opportunities, which noted a significant problem in the lack of effectiveness of the traditional work methodology with the target group. From 6th to 14th of November 2015 youth workers from Poland, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Italy and Latvia met and worked under the supervision of two experienced trainers to know the nature of work, as a teacher of the street. The main purpose of the training was to promote the street as a tool to encourage and motivate young people with fewer opportunities / excluded to reintegrate into society, promoting the idea of entrepreneurship and youth initiatives. Additional objectives of the project: - encorage young people with fewer opportunities / excluded in society - reduce early school leaving by young people, in addition to their involvement in participation in further training courses to improve their skills - encourage young people (mostly out of work) to participate in the program as an opportunity to gain new skills and competencies to a better start in the labor market; -support of young people from disadvantaged areas and disadvantaged - empower participants with the tools and skills to familiarize them with the street work; - familiraze work on the street as a space allowing them to carry out valuable initiatives and reach the hard groups of young people; - encourage and equipment of young people with fewer opportunities in new skills, knowledge, skills, values education, which offers work with street worker; - promo of values of social responsibility and commitment and promotion of the activities of non-governmental organizations Our project was aimed at the multiplier effect, which we achieved by encouraging partner organizations to transmit first acquired knowledge, among other youth workers, both in their own organization and institutions friendly. In addition, we tried to involve young people to take up and create their own initiatives based on the concept of Erasmus +.



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