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The Role of Youth in Re-imagining Integration in Europe; Channels of social inclusion and Equality for all
Date du début: 15 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 14 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The theme of the training was 'The Role of Youth in Re-imagining integration ; channels of social inclusion and Equality for all". The training held in Manchester for a period of eight days to be held between 31st of January, 2016 to 7th of February, 2016. The training was facilitated through experiential Non-formal and participatory methods and world cafe methods The work group included walking though the minefield, Wheel of trust and Seed nurturing methods. The participation was broad and diverse with participants from Italy, Portugal, U.K, Ukraine, Norway ,Spain, Poland and Romania. The participants were youth workers and youth leaders from disadvantaged background. The design of the content of the training project was carried out through pre-project consultations around the theme of the training in other to be sure that the tarining contents meets the expectations of the participants. The training helped youth workers and young people to engage with the multi-dimensionsional angles of integration with a view to creating a society that is devoid of discrimination ,stereotype and xenophobia and to create a much more equal and inclusive Europe. The broad understanding of European integration by participants helped in reshaping the narrative on rise of extreme nationalistic and xenophobia tendencies within the borders of Europe. A broad understanding of integration by the participants has opened a new thinking to the political rhetoric of new physical borders and has revealed some of the unintended consequences of a two tier Europe as evidenced by some of the results of the project. The project promoted and new perspective and understanding on how to build a society of equal opportunities . The project built the capacity of participants in practical ways on how to build a society that is devoid of discrimination and Xenophobia. The training project spurred the participants to discover alternative narrative beyond the market and trade defined integration and emphasis was laid on human dignity. The project trained participants on how to engage with diversity and how to function effectively and compete in a multicultural Europe using their creative instincts not ethnic or race badge. The project trained 31 youth workers from partners countries on multiculturalism and leveraging diversity. The training methods was non-formal training methods. The project also addressed the flawed perspective of reducing European citizens to just a number on the GDP scale by promoting the concept of welding and human dignity. The success of integration over the last sic decades was equally showcased to the participants from different perspectives including but not limited to art, culture richness, faith, food, economy, health, medicine and trade. There were illustration of how integration has improved our lives and has not in anyway diminished our lives. The partners involved in the project were broad and diverse with complimentary skills in the entire pool. The project continues to be part of the long term efforts to begin to turn the corner on debate and understanding of young people about the true picture of integration in Europe and what it means for young people in the near future. This project has opened the first door in the series of doors that needed to be opened to information and knowledge in other to confront misinformation of integration with robust knowledge and informed understanding.



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