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The Role Of Global Peace And ''Youth''
Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project is prepared by the Global Youth Network. The name of our project is ‘’ The role of global peace and youth ‘’. The project will take place in Ankara, between the dates of 16-25 September 2016.Our project is a training course, the participants will be from Turkey- 6 people, Bulgaria-3, Romania-3, Croatia - 3 , Hungary -3, Greece - 3, Macadonia-3 , Italy-3 , Germany - 3. The project will be carried out with 30 participants in total. With priority will be the applicants for participation between the ages of 18-35. / 2 victims of war in our project will be the participation of our friends that people of Turkish respondents (6) between dr.Theme and history of our project;Our project is a result of the wish for acquiring international level of our local works, concentrated on human rights, refugees and peace, subsequently, relying on our experience, we would like to accomplish this project with participants from different parts of Europe.The theme of our project; It contents training and instruction concentrated on several parts : to advert to the importance of world peace, to consolidate the fraternity amongst countries; to strengthen the international relationships, to find a solution to the refugee crisis and at last the role and importance of victim of war in the society .Purposes of our project; As a result of our project, the participants will acquire knowledge of human rights; will understand better the importance of peace and integrity in regards to the globalization. Our aim is to find new solutions and offer suggestions to the refugee crisis, which has become a huge humanitarian issue, which ensured bringing up suggestions, to engage participants in initiatives as to submit the suggestions to the relevant departments on local and international level. Another purpose of our project is emphasized on the role of those who suffer from wars in the society, to show them that it is our human duty to help them and that we will commit this duty in every region, we can reach. Furthermore : to ensure participants to explore cultural differences, to support them in their communication amongst youths, to boost their self-esteem and to improve their entrepreneurship features, the participants will be able to be active in our trainings and to make new friendships as long as strengthen them , to overcome prejudices. To realize that, while bringing into question the international problems, Erasmus + is also an instructive element, to spread to the chosen groups the significance of Erasmus+ for all youths is one of our other purposes.Long – term benefits of our project;- Will be learned the importance of human rights,- It will be emphasized that everyone should fight against the refugee crisis,- Will be increased the entrepreneurships for war victims,- In order to ensure world peace, the youth will fulfill all of its responsibilities,- It will be created a new society, respecting different cultures’ characteristics and values,- We will be more conscious of our human duty,- The continuity of international relations will be ensured,- Participants would like to make their own projects,- They will gain experience, for instance – empathy,- They will improve their abilities, as presentation and expressing themselves better,- The promotion of the Erasmus + program, the interest of it and participation in it will be ensured, as well as, it will be on more levels,Short description of activities in our project;- Team – works,- Open seminars on global peace,- Open seminars on world peace and human rights,- Open seminars and team - works on refugee crisis and war victims,- Event for 21st September, international day of peace (reportage on the street)- Participants will be divided into groups. They will have to constitute a state (in this session groups will consist of 6 participants from different countries, each group will constitute its country and they will share their suggestions on resolving problems like: refugee crisis, human rights, and war victims, world peace, they will have to create their own flag, choose a national standard language, official religion, national anthem and they will choose their ruling policy. We think that this activity is very important: there will be participants from different countries in one group, and it will be a huge success to establish one opinion, generalized from so different points of view),- Presentation of organizations (through it participants will be informed of the activities each organization has performed),- Visit to official institutions and sightseeing,- Presenting the Erasmus + program and projects of National Agency,- Culture nights, in order to acquaint better different cultures,



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