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The road for tomorrow - Innovative and flexible ways, interventions and instruments for qualification and continuous training of management in the vocational training sector

This project specifically targets managers of professional training: it aims to enhancing both their managerial and relationship qualities through the development of a system of qualification and professional development in the context of Life Long Learning. Target group are managers at the level of directors and heads of firms, and support managers (i.e. those dealing with staff). The primary aim of the project is to develop a Standard Training Model. This will be achieved through the following steps: needs analysis of the target groups in the field of "education management"; defining a set of quality indicators from success stories in the field of management; establishing a framework of key managerial skills. Experimentation using two pilot modules on a sample of beneficiaries will ensure the Model's efficacy. End results of the project will comprise the output of the analysis, a series of reports and quality indicators amongst others. All results will be published within a dedicated project website, and on paper.



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