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The power of EVS
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "The power of EVS" will last 20 months and it will take place at two homes for elderly people located in the province of Brescia: Fondazione Angelo Passerini in Nozza di Vestone and Fondazione ONLUS Santa Maria della Neve in Pisogne. The activities will be carried out from 07/01/2016 to 07/10/2016, with a total duration of 9 months. The objective of the project is to offer to the 4 volunteers involved some learning opportunities, aiming at contributing to their personal development and allowing them to acquire and improve key competences, to be valorised also in terms of Fondazione Angelo Passerini will be hosted Aleksandra Surmacz, Polish, born in 1991; Camille Pouillot, French, born in 1995; Eva Gallaun, Austrian, born in 1996. At Fondazione ONLUS Santa Maria della Neve will be hosted Migle Kondrackaite, Lithuanian, born in 1992.Aleksandra, who loves singing and dancing, will be mainly involved in entertainment activities based on those actions. Furthermore, due to her past experience as a volunteer in a home for elderly people in Poland, the young Polish will support the staff in daily activities, reporting guests needs to the staff. Camille, considered her previous summer collaborations with a French retirement home, will support the staff especially during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Camille's non formal competences will be valued in the organization of events, since in the past she organized local markets. Eva, who loves painting and drawing, will be involved in creative and artistic workshops, and her passion for the theater will be enhanced in acting activities. Migle, who is keen of journalism, will support the editorial staff of the magazine, the website and the promotional activities of the Foundation of Pisogne. In addition, she will be involved in cooking activities, her other hobby.The methodology to be used in carrying out the project is totally based on non formal learning, on tailor-made activities planning and on recognition and validation of non formal competences, in particular through the use of Youthpass.The results of the project will deal with the acquirement by the volunteers of several non formal competences.The long term impact will focus on a positive impact on the volunteers and on the guests of the host organisation and the project's results will be transferred to the guests' families, to the local community and to the stakeholders which Tempo Libero, Fondazione Angelo Passerini, Fondazione ONLUS Santa Maria della Neve and the four sending organisation daily deal with.



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