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„The Portfolio and its role as a tool for better communication, understanding and cooperation in a multicultural society“
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Title:„The Portfolio and its role as a tool for better communication, understanding and cooperation in a multicultural society“ Our school is situated in the western part of Vienna, the capital of Austria, in the so called wine region in Vienna's 19th district. The NMS/VBS In der Krim is an English bilingual (English and German) secondary middle school as well as a bilingual prevocational college with 9 classes of approximately 25 students per class. We have got more than 15 years of successful experience in bilingual teaching. Our focus is on language development with the emphasis on "Everyday English". This education initiative is incorporating the use of the European Language Portfpolio as a helpful tool (ESP). We are proud of our plurilingual and multicultural climate with students from all over the world. We have decided to use the ELP to fulfill the requirements for language learning in the New Middle Schools (The 8 competences of life long learning called the Europass). The three people participating in the Erasmus+ project are experienced teachers and all have a plurilingual and multicultural background and are fond of working with new teaching methods, e-learning tools and portfolio work to develop learners autonomy and lifelong language learning. Dir.MEd. Eva-Maria Winter-De Rouin: Headmistress of the Bilingual Middle School In der Krim. Dipl.Päd. Karin Samek: Erasmus+ coordinator, secondary school teacher for maths and geography and ICT. B.Sc; B.Com. Wilma Krynicki: English Native Speaker Teacher at VBS In der Krim. We started an e-twinning project before the application for the KA1 activity and used the network for preparing 2 job shadowing teachers' mobilities: 1. Viennese teachers visited the Spanish school for a week and obtained in depth knowledge about e-learning tools and the use of ipads in classes and working with and creating digital portfolios and students' and teachers' blogs 2. Spanish teachers visited The NMS/VBS In der Krim - Vienna for a week to learn more about the use of and methods for the ELP and for the digital ELP training together. The project lead to an exchange and sharing of ideas and good practices between the partners, who have promoted a mindset for continual quality improvement. Moreover, as it has been said, it is strengthening their association through the Twinspace. This virtual space allows both schools to store and document images and videos, to share examples, create pages, post notes at the Teacher Bulletin and also share a Project Journal in order to meet goals set. Job Shadowing is an excellent way to achieve this change. In accordance with the objectives set in its European Development Plan, the organization got a higher National and European recognition. Applying an innovative and effective methodology to the portfolio will let the school become a reference center for other educational organizations interested in improving their teaching practice.



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