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The Piezo institute- European expertise centre for multifunctional and Integrated Piezoelectric Devices (PI)
Date du début: 1 mars 2012, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The Piezo institute AISBL (PI) emerged from NoE MIND (Multifinctional & Integrated Piezoelectric Devices). PI is well a functioning non profit organisation with ongoing activities dedicated to support the integration of the fragmented European expertise and deliver innovative educational tools through postgraduate degrees combining materials, technology and device knowledge. It needs, however, to continue strengthening its visibility through increasing dissemination and building out all the existing activities within education, research and training.The new knowledge under development within PI supports the environmental, safety and health policies of EU and is designed to facilitate next generation of material technologies for autonomous monitoring systems incl. Energy Harvesters. To achieve further defragmentation, PI will increase the shared research support activities incl. the preparation of proposals, active participation in programming activities for future calls, further developing of European postgraduate degrees, offering of expertise and support of innovation within the field to European industry and in particular to SMEs. To increase its visibility and support dissemination to public and professionals, PI will organise conferences, workshops, tutorials and industrial courses. PI plans to widen the offer of industrial training, based on accredited courses within technology and modelling. Thanks to complementary expertise of its members, and history of extensive collaboration, PI has developed substantial expertise within lead-free piezoelectric materials, their processing and technology, the knowledge of which combined with the design expertise, PI will exploit to support industrial implementation of, serving the environmentally friendly innovation. The scientists with PI’s international degree will have a thorough and sound grounding to support Europe’s environmentally friendly processing, modelling and development of next generation technologies."



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