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The Night of Our Origins (ORIGINS)
Date du début: 1 avr. 2013, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Last July, CERN announced the discovery of a new particle, confirmed to be the Higgs boson this year, responsible for the origin of particles’ mass. In March, the unprecedented resolution provided by the instruments installed onboard ESA’s Planck satellite, has revealed unexpected fluctuations in the temperature distribution of the primordial radiation of the Big Bang, providing an unprecedented insight into the origins of our Universe and a new picture of its composition today. Planck is painting a new picture of the Universe that is pushing the limits of understanding current cosmological theories. On Researchers Night 2013, we celebrate the multi-disciplinary teams of scientists who made these and other discoveries possible. We want to make the public aware that these are collective efforts involving thousands of researchers worldwide. We will offer the public at large in all its components, whichever their age and scientific background, the opportunity of discovering the ""human face"" of research via direct exchanges and discussions with the researchers, as well as understanding the impact of research on their daily lives. We will do it also by highlighting the cultural impact of these researches as well as the technological impact, focussing also on the medical applications of fundamental research."



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