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The New Europe in The New International Order
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

First of all the project and the module "The New Europe in The New International Order" is designed for students, lectures, professors and experts in the field. During the lifetime of the project will be created the professional community dealing with issues of european integration. Students and teachers understand need of the European integration now, they will introduce the knowledge and experience at international level such as the international conferences, symposiums, round tables and other actions all over the world. The program will allow to acquaint constantly new professionals in the field, to acquaint students and teachers with new techniques of teaching, to fill with the actual contents discipline and in the long term to create the program of the double diploma which disciplines will be in many respects focused on the European integration.According to the new standards, we develop the detailed curriculum and distribute the teaching materials for the students’ convenient use. All the materials are published on the Financial University website. It facilitates the students’ access to the course materials and allows the students to use the materials at any moment. We conduct the focus groups-based research. Business games, discussions, round table discussion sessions are organized to better engage the students in the learning process and the University life. The students work under the guidance of their academic supervisors (module instructors). They are constantly accumulating the scientific data and publish the data in the leading journals in Russia and abroad. The number of the Financial University academic publications in the journals via the Scopus and Web of Science systems has increased.