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"The NAtive Seed Science, TEchnology and Conservation Initial Training Network" (NASSTEC)
Date du début: 1 avr. 2014, Date de fin: 31 mars 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"NASSTEC will train 11 Early Stage Researchers and 1 Experienced Researcher in native seed science, conservation and use, so that environmental mitigation and adaptation projects can have increased impact. Without immediate enhancement of capacity and capability in this specific area of biodiversity science, the native seed industry in Europe will fail to develop towards the multi-million dollar markets of the US and Australia. NASSTEC plans to interconnect the public and private sector through the establishment of a multidisciplinary European doctoral ‘school’ with the aim of integrating knowledge in plant ecology, genetics, molecular biology, taxonomy, ecology, conservation, seed biology, environmental science, agricultural botany, crop science, breeding and horticulture. This knowledge will be transferred to industry, thereby contributing to the EU bio-economy. NASSTEC includes 7 full (FP) and 7 associated partners (AP) from 4 EU Member States. It interconnects 4 different sectors: private companies (3 FP and 2 AP), NGOs (2 AP), public land governance bodies and academic institutions (4 FP and 3 AP). The scientific and training programmes embrace 12 research topics, clustered under three sub programmes: A) In situ seed sampling; B) Seed biology characterisation; and C) Production and deployment of seed. Critically, the findings from the three sub-programmes will be interconnected, integrated and communicated rapidly and effectively to the ESRs/ER and all external stakeholders through a global e-Learning Environment (ELE). This ELE will be pivotal in delivering a balanced scheme of exchange visits and secondments, a rich programme of network events, news of network achievements and research information; including the findings of the final NASSTEC conference. NASSTEC will increase the competitiveness of ESRs/ER substantially and ensure that human capital is directed towards the development of a sustainable and dynamic European native seed industry."



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