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The Mysteries of European Capitals
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The capitals of different countries are the most beautiful and fascinating cities with lots of interesting sights and historical mysteries. Therefore the main idea of the project is to explore and present the originality and uniqueness of the national capital, at the same time observing and tackling common issues and strategies for the preservation of monuments supervised by UNESCO. The project will seek to find common ground revealing historical and cultural facts of the capital cities. It is planned that young people from different schools, of different nationalities and religious beliefs will discuss the topic joint, never inexhaustible cultural secrets, will introduce the uniqueness of their country and will expand their horizons. Each participating country will examine the uniqueness and originality of their capital, will explore interesting, historically important sites and monuments still unknown by pupils. They will develop strategies how to preserve the cultural heritage for future generations. A target group of participants is 7-15 year old students and their teachers. The project will involve Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania Schools. For partner countries it is a unique opportunity to introduce and promote its capital city internationally, to express pride in their city, and for guests – a truly unique experience in knowing and discovering not only Europe‘s cultural heritage and its diversity, but also people, time-honoured traditions and customs. The aim of the project is to promote international cultural communication between different countries and their educational institutions, and provide an opportunity to improve their English skills, acquainting them with the latest technologies, expanding the understanding of school communities about European cultural differences and similarities, making them get interested in less widely spoken languages. During the project there will be developing partnerships between studying school communities of the EU countries; students‘ knowledge about the partner country‘s historical, geographical and cultural heritage will be extended; the project will offer additional opportunities for foreign language teaching (learning) and for the development of language skills; with the help of innovative information technologies all the information will be shared with partner countries about the carried out activities. During the project a number of topics will be discussed: a situation of the school in the context of the capital; legends, stories about the capital; UNESCO-protected monuments in the capital and its surroundings; What does the secret history of the capital hide? The capital‘s architecture and landscape; how to preserve the cultural heritage for future generations? Ecological problems in the capital; capital „under ground“. The project participants will design a logo; they will make presentations and movies about the schools; each partner will compile a glossary of words in phrases in their language needed for visits; release paper and electronic calendars; will select and translate into English 5 most interesting legends about their capital ; release a common electronic book of legends of all the participating countries; will create illustrations for the book of legends; each partner will role-play 1 legend , film it and share it with its partners; will gather information and prepare presentations on the first capital of the country; will gather information and make presentations on the UNESCO protected monuments in the capital and its surroundings; will hold a photo exhibition, every country will capture 4 lessons, in which the secrets of capitals and monuments will be revealed; will organise a travelling exhibition of drawings „Capital Secrets“; gather information and prepare presentations on architecture and landscape attractions in the capital; will find out how countries protect their monuments; what the procedures are and will give presentations to other countries. Participants will take interest in ecological problems in the capital; students will organise an exhibition of recycled materials; they will collect information and make presentations about the archaeological findings in the capital; a sculpture representing the unity of participants will be created. Throughout the project an intellectual product, a book – a collection of methodical articles will be compiled, in which the ideas of how to work, what to teach children in the lessons, what methods, techniques and innovations to apply, will be described, as well as the history, architecture and culture of the capital city. At the end of the project dissipation of the results achieved and their products will be carried out. Links with other similar institutions in the country will be established and their experiences gained in international cooperation, knowledge, ideas and products will be shared. This project will bring substantial benefits to all participants.



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