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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BACKGROUND Selection of the profession is one of the most important choices in human life. This choice totally affects the family lives, happiness and the rest of the living of the people. Therefore, the mistakes in selection of profession cause discordance in family life, failure in career, and unhappy living of the individuals. PROJECT OBJECTIVES 1. Determining professional choices of the participants at 18-25 age group, before the project implementation 2. Determining professional choices of the society, by means of questionnaires for unemployed young people and for students/learners 3. Introducing most popular professions through theoretical and practical trainings at vocational training institutions, enterprises, governmental organizations, and local administrations 4. Raising awareness of the participants, so that they can make professional choices according to objective criteria, and they can make their own career planning more consciously. 5. To increse social and cultural integration, religious and individual improvement and awareness NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS 15 from Turkey, and 15 from Slovakia totally 30 participant will take place in the project. The participants will be young people at 18-25 age group. 50% of the participants will be selected from financially disadvantaged unemployed young people, and 50% of them will be selected from young people at last year of secondary schools, having problems in selection of job. ACTIVITIES Evaluation of application form and project activities; questionnaire of expectation Applying participants questionnaires related to jobs which they prefer Providing training on preparation of questionnaire, analysis and reporting the results Applying 1000 local people the questionnaires related to jobs which they prefer Researches on current situation of 20 selected professional field Hiking in the nature, picnic Visiting educational institutions, enterprises and professional organizations, employment agencies Revising the reports of 20 selected professions after completion of trainings; adding visuals and publishing those revised reports through the web site Dissemination activities Press conference, project evaluation questionnaire, creation of project final report METHODOLOGY A welcome party will be organized for all participants, to meet each other and have fun together. Ice-breaker activities, name games, role-plays, music, dance and parodies will facilitate creating a team spirit and unity between project participants. As a preparation to project activities, trainings will be provided for the participants on preparation of questionnaire, analysis and reporting techniques. The trainings will be performed through interactive methodology, such as oral expression, demonstration, role-play, question & answer, illustration. Then questionnaires will be applied in order to direct the project implementation. The participants will select 5 professional branch. Then the participants will form study groups of 3 members, and apply the questionnaire to 1000 people from the local public – students, unemployed young people. The target group of the survey will select only one professional branch. The 10 popular professions of project participants and the 10 popular professions of local public will be determined. Then the study groups will carry out research on current situations of those 20 professions. Then the coordinator organization will arrange appointments with institutions related to those 20 professions. The groups will visit those institutions to get introductive theoretical and practical trainings. By the end of the trainings, the participants will attend workshops where they will revise the previously written reports in the light of impressions they recently gained. The reports will be enriched with visuals to create a booklet, and will be published through the web site. In order to increase motivation of the participants, and to create a fun working environment, entertainment programmes, sports matches and hiking in nature will be arranged by coordinator organization. RESULTS, DESCRIPTION OF IMPACT AND LONG TERM BENEFITS The participants developed - EU citizenship awareness - active participation and self confidence - administrative skills - cultural integration - consciousness on selection of professions Partner organizations developed - organizational capacity - cooperational capacity - visibility It is expected that the project outcomes will be used as reference study for professional orientations of secondary schools. For this purpose, the project outcomes will be accessible by delivering them to vocational training institutions, secondary schools, vocational secondary schools, local administrations and their umbrella institutions via e-mails.



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