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The Inclusive School: a gateway to equal opportunity education
Date du début: 20 juin 2016, Date de fin: 19 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As a private foreign language school, we strive to provide an outstanding service to all our students. We also believe in lifelong learning and the importance of languages, as well as in being a gateway to inclusive education and equal opportunities. The standard educational system is often lacking when it comes to fulfilling the differing needs of learners – exceptionally gifted students, people with dyslexia, learning difficulties, people with different aptitudes, as well as those with physical impairments. For these reasons we are attracting a growing number of students with specific needs, and our objective is to be able to cater to them fully and efficiently. Our continuing investment in related areas – such as adapting our premises to allow access for people with disabilities and ensuring our technological standards which can be easily adapted for use with people of diverse learning needs – will be complemented by the results of this project, whereby our teachers and staff will gain specific and important skills for achieving inclusion in the classroom. The participants in our projects, language teachers and school management, are all highly motivated and experienced in their work with people of different abilities, although they lack formal training in this area. Over the course of this project, our staff will participate in six structured training events chosen specifically to target issues and questions determined as relevant to our development as an inclusive organisation. The courses they will attend will cover different subjects, together forming a complete picture of skills and knowledge needed to achieve an inclusive teaching environment – from dealing with dyslexia, managing mixed ability classes, working in the context of diversity, using task differentiation methods, adapting tasks and the teaching process for differently skilled students and students with disabilities. These will be supplemented by a course aimed at specific skills in the area of testing and assessment, whereby our teachers will be able to create our internal tests and become better at giving feedback. They will be able to appropriately test and assess students of different abilities, as well as prepare them for national and international exams successfully. The project will have an immediate and a long-term impact on our organisation, staff, students, the local community and regional language organisations. With our updated knowledge and skills we will be able to confidently position our institution on the market as a truly inclusive organisation which can cater to the diverse needs of students. In this way, our staff will become more competitive as professionals with additional knowledge in these very important areas. Our students will have a direct benefit from our capacity to tailor programmes and tasks to their abilities and specific needs. They will have the opportunity to work and learn in an inclusive and supportive environment, and improve their level of language competence to meet the needs of the labour market and the local community. In addition, we will share and disseminate the experience acquired through this project as widely as possible, with the aim of benefiting our community as much as possible.