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THE IDENTITY MAKERS - Building European identity together
Date du début: 27 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 26 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "THE IDENTITY MAKERS" involves the british organization GMAS (Gloucestershire Mentoring and Support), based in the rural region of Gloucestershire, and the Municipality of Tortona - Youth Policies Office and Youth Centre. It is a KA1 european youth exchange dedicated to 30 young people aged between 14 and 17 years old with different social and cultural backgrounds. The exchange will take place from october 25th to November 1st in Tortona (AL, Italy), where young people will gather to discuss and confront on the topic of european identity. The english group will have already hosted a youth exchange in England at the end of august on the topic of personal and cultural identity and of the confront among cultures (italian and english), on stereotypes and on the value added of cultural differences. This first youth exchange will be the background of the youth exchange hosted in Tortona. The project "THE IDENTITY MAKERS" is born from the meeting of the two organizations and from the common need of giving young people a new perspective, more intercultural and more european, and to lead them through a structured and shared path towards a greater awareness of their identities, their cultures and their role in Europe, sensitizing them on the topics of intercultural learning, tolerance and acceptance and knowledge of different cultures and realities. Starting from the analysis of their own cultures and asking themselves some key questions, participants will be able to address and learn the basic issues and values of the European Union: "What makes us europeans? What does it mean the union of the european peoples? until which point are we italians/english and where do we start to be europeans? how much european our lives are? which visions do we have for the future of Europe? how can different cultures find common solutions and think in the interest of a common benefit?"each theme will be introduced by # to connect the project to the reality of young active European. In order to reach these objectives, we will use non forma education methodologies and participatory approaches where decisions will be taken together and in which young people will be equally responsible for the success of the project. We plan to involve youngsters in photo and video labs, creative activities, simulations and role plays, visibility actions in the local community, etc. All foresaw labs and activities aim at the sincere confrontation among participants through different techniques and tools, also using the tools shared on the SALTO database and during the Tool Fair in Lecce in which we took part in 2014. We will give visibility to the project by realizing activities and actions that will involve the local community, the local high schools and the public administration. We expect to leave participants with the emotion of a unique experience and with practical tools they could use to start building their identity as european citizens... hence the title "The identity Makers": we want to build ways and spaces for self-expression, to allow young people to meet and confront, to get involved and experiment what it means to be europeans and be part of the European Union.



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