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The Green Way
Date du début: 15 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 14 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our organisation is actively involved within “Let’s Do It!” worldwide environmental activities therefore we want to carry out this project in order to promote the value of individual and local environmental activities, “green” lifestyle and new ideas for solutions of environmental problems. Objectives of this project are to promote care of the natural environment among; to create and popularize a web site which would mainly contain information about natural environment care, “green” lifestyle and small scale environmental project ideas for local communities; to give a chance for young people to exchange their ideas, culture, traditions, to motivate and support each other for environmental ideas; to let young people to acquire skills that might be very useful in their professional and private lives.Project will be implemented with 27-30 participants from Greece, Estonia, Romania, Latvia and Croatia with various backgrounds aged 16-25, that are highly motivated and interested participants that feel a need to participate in this exact project. Main activities and exact working methods are going to be used: games with tools, verbal or physical, structured discussions, debates, sharing experiences, group works, creation of presentations with talking, writing or drawing, leading interactive presentations, team work, detailed planning of an environmental project idea with discussions and writing and presentation of it, watching of movies and discussing them, preparing and implementation of a flash mob, sightseeing, taking and printing of photos, preparation and distribution of flyers, preparation of logo of the project (sharing ideas, writing, drawing, designing), preparation and setting of an exhibition, preparation of a web site by working on design and content by writing, drawing, collecting materials/outcomes of this project; evaluations with games and writing. We expect rather big impact on participants of this project – we expect participants to learn about and to be interested in non-formal learning activities and in opportunities for youth offered by Erasmus+ programme, to gain positive awareness about other cultures, to acquire many competences (practical skills and attitudes) that might be helpful for their professional, daily and social life, perhaps to make them more employable. One of our biggest expectations is that the participants of the project might improve their lifestyle towards a better care of the natural environment. We expect a good impact on participating organizations in means of gaining experience, creating partnerships for the future under similar project ideas, to promote care of environment among young people. The target groups of this project are young people of local and regional societies of all involved participants of the project. We expect at least 100.000 people from the target group to get access to information about this project, results of this project, digital and real life exhibitions of the project, to gain information about Erasmus+ opportunities for youth from the web site that will be prepared by participants of the project. We expect our target groups to get motivated to participate in Erasmus+ offered projects, to get interested in learning more about the environmental processes and issues in their local and national areas, as well as European and World wide and to change their ways of life towards bigger care for the natural environment.In a longer term perspective, we desire that in local and regional societies of participants of this project would be many young people newly engaged with the Erasmus+ programme, young people would take better care of the natural environment, participate and lead environmental movement and local environmental projects.



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