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The Green Spirit
Date du début: 15 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 14 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Green Spirit" is a youth exchange that involves 21 young people from Romania, Poland and the Netherland. The project aims to address the issue of recycling as part of a pro-environmental behavior and as a opportunity for creative expression. This recycling theme will be put into the general context of environmental issues, pursuing the objective of raising awareness among the participants on the long-term negative effects caused by unsolving environmental problems, the objective of developing a receptive attitude for environment among them, and the objective of developing the creative recycling skills. Also, the project aims to promote creative recycling in Iasi, this objective will be realized with the support of social enterprises CUIB ( Urban Center for Good Initiatives) and Brave art . The activities will address the issue of waste with the need for environmental protection, with a focus on creative recycling of used objects and materials. The program will include both non -formal education activities (World Cafe, documentary, group work, simulation, discussion ) that will lead to achieving the awareness and development of pro-environmental attitudes and practical activities (creative recycling workshops) that will develop skills and stimulate creativity among participants. Objective of promoting creative recycling in Iasi will be achieved by organizing an outdoor exhibition, accompanied by recycling workshops where participants of the youth exchange will become facilitators and will train the locals. A concrete result of the youth exchange will be creating the Guide of creative recycling that will include information on methods of recycling paper, plastics and textiles. This guide will be made available to the public by the organizations involved through the internet and will help participants to become promoters of creative recycling in their communities.



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