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The Future of Youth Work
Date du début: 6 juin 2015, Date de fin: 5 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Youth Work Tomorrow" is a youth mobility Training Course with partner and programme countries, that will take place in Cyprus between the 5th-12th of July 2015. A total number of 20 participants and 1 trainer, 1 facilitator and 1 member staff from 6 countries (Trainer from Belgium and Cyprus, participants from: Belgium, Cyprus, Armenia, Italy, Romania) will take part in the Training Course. Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization will be organizing, hosting and implementing. Being active in the field of youth as an Organisation gave as the opportunity to identify the changes that have beenm taking place in the field for many years now. The field of youth work is changing and getting stronger and more demanding. Technology evolves, new media are created and promoted, economic crisis is still a big problem in most of the countries, and unemployment is still in a high percentage throughout Europe. Youth Work is a field which is of great importance. Its importance lies in the fact that Youth Work comes in direct contact and relation to young people, with the purpose to enhance young people's skills, knowledge, competences and values. It is also a field that is in constant evolution and always has to adopt to the changes taking place in the overall society. Furthermore every year more and more importance is given to research and programs for researchers. Youth work has the responsibility to be highly adoptive and of high standards, so that it can be effective and actively offer to youth. Also the Europe 2020 strategy needs Youth to have a leading role in order to reach the goals of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. In many cases, especially in Cyprus, youth leaders that are volunteers and not professionals, are asked to provide services of a Youth Worker. The main difficulty is that volunteers, youth leaders or maybe even youth workers, might not have the necessary knowledge or skills to be 100% effective. All the above mentioned provide the main purpose and the needs we seek to address through this project. Our goals and objectives for this projects will be: 1. To analyse potentials and needs of youth work in the future 2. To create and give space for the participants to exchange ideas and good practices on the field, 3. To have a clear and solid understanding on what the job of a youth worker is, 4. To outline the role of a youth project manager, a youth worker, a youth leader, a volunteer and their differences, 5. To identify the fields on which youth work should be focused on now and in the future. 6. To strengthen our knowledge on ways how to communicate to the rest of the society and the world, what youth work produces and offers? 7. To enrich and enhance the knowledge and skills of the participants on the use of social media and the internet for youth organisations and groups, 8. To introduce the basic rules on how to conduct a research in a topic involving youth? 9. To search and identify ways to enhance employability of youth through the contribution of youth work. We will achieve these objectives by using group exercises such as discussions, interactions, role plays and other active ways of working in a group. The participants will attend training sessions, get comfortable with the issues, explore together their own competencies, as well as new ways in approaching the subject with the youth. The participants will also have the opportunity to exchange good practices on the issues above mentioned. We will also make sure to use research tools that the youth workers participating will be able to use in their work space with their target group, so that they will be able not only to adopt but also to predict evolution before it comes to them.



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