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The Future of the Atlantic Marine Environment (FAME)
Date du début: 3 avr. 2010, Date de fin: 7 avr. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Although the AA is characterised by its marine biodiversity, action to protect the marine environment still requires further development, considering both the potential and the fragility that characterise this environment. One aspect that is still in its initial study and implementation phase is the creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in some of the Member States participating in the project. The exchange of experiences enabled by networking will help achieve more rapid progress in this area.Protecting the Atlantic marine environment is the aim of the FAME project, in order to assure and enhance the sustainability of the marine and coastal environment, is one of the principal challenges facing the AA programme, where issues relating to the sea are extremely relevant. The project intends to achieve tangible results by collecting data to obtain a better overview of the Atlantic marine environment. Networking will improve the dissemination of results and contribute to decision making in the connected disciplines.FAME created a network with a range of partners from the Member States of the AA having extensive knowledge and skills relating to the marine environment, the monitoring andtracking of seabirds, mapping, data analysis and with regard to the renewable marine energy and fisheries sectors.The project addresses threats the AA is facing, such as the degradation of the marine environment and the loss of biodiversity. Knowledge of the movements of seabirds and the reasons for regional differences will increase understanding of the factors underlying the changes in the marine ecosystems of the Atlantic.The research will provide greater understanding of the relationships that sustain feeding areas and the trends for marine biodiversity populations. It is intended to use this informationcollectively to develop and validate forecasting models for identifying the feeding areas of seabirds that may subsequently be used to inform decision makers with regards to spatial planning and conservation of the marine environment, particularly for locating the MPA, in the marine renewable energy field and in the management of economic activities related to the sea, such as fishing.This is, therefore, an ambitious project in an area that is just commencing and that will be fundamental for the sustainability of the marine environment. Achievements: Information on achievements is available on the projects web site:



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