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The European Way: verso la creazione di un ambiente di apprendimento-insegnamento europeo
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is inspired by a long-term and effective collaboration on students’ exchanges and teachers’ support between our school and the two partner schools: Gorey Community School and Gabrieli-Gymasyum. The projects carried out in the last years have shown great reliability of the partners and common objectives as regards educational, linguistic and formative goals. The main aim of this new partnership is mostly the students’ mobility, revised and enriched in its objectives as for quality, innovation and effectiveness of learning and education in the light of the European dimension. The projects involves students aged 15-17 in regular class exchanges . One of the most innovative aspects of the Project is the teachers’ mobility; 4 teachers will be involved in job-shadwoing and teaching in the partner schools; a mixed team of teachers will attend a Training Seminar on the teaching of common subjects as science, art, music and literature 2 as. As referred to teachers’s mobility , its main aim is the reinforcement of the professional profile as well as the effort to work together to make the school system more modern and comunicative thanks to the new technologies and to an European e-Leaning environemnt. The common way of communication among the partner schools , beside the traditional e-mail, will be through Skype or Google + ( videoconference with the partner schools, CLIL, ‘virtual’ teachers’ lending), social network ( collaborative learning through writing with partners) and ( a virtual platform already existing but to be implemented) students’ tutoring , CLIL learning paths, podcast, Blog and chat room. The expected results are varied: a new motivation related to teaching and learning, the development of a better communicative competence and technological skills, a new stimulus towards plurilinguism, the growing awareness of different cultural and social realities as well as a reflection on being European citizens. The visible outcomes will be a web page of the Project which will be available in the Net as well as in the website of each school and in e-Twinning. In the webpage one can also see photos and material produced on CLIL and on language learning; A Clil handbook conatining sampel modules of CLIL paths; a Basci Italian Go For Art handbook. ISIS Giovanni da Castiglione is also a school of Rete Europa dell’Istruzione and training centre for CLIL for the Arezzo province, therefore we might benefit from the support of USR- Ufficio Scolastico Regionale Toscana for presenting and disseminating the project in a Training Event on CLIl Methodology and a conference on a regional base as well as on local newspapers and local Television.



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