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The European Union: from the Beginnings to the Current Trends
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is a European Union history course which will be taught at the History Department Masters’ Program. The course gives an insight into the historical development of the European Union beginning from the late 1940th up to the current period. The project does not seek to get students informed about all the details of the entire European Union history, but is supposed to get students acquainted with the major trends in the historical development of the European integration, as well as with the key issues of the current situation in the EU. Much attention will be paid to the issues which are either not well known by Russian students or currently inspire vigorous debates: the role of the EU founding fathers (De Gasperi, Adenauer, Schuman), EU and religion, achievements and challenges of the Central and Western Europe countries integration in the EU, relations between Russia and the European Union, the European idea in the public opinion and public mentality, attitudes of different political parties and politicians towards European integration issue, etc. This is supposed to be a discussion-based course implying active students’ participation in problem-based discussions supervised by the professor. The international research conference “Historical Experience of the World Civilizations and Russia” which is annually organized by the World History Sub-department of Vladimir State University will provide a framework for activities relating to the proposed course: lectures of visiting scholars, research reports of the students. The course will use the interdisciplinary approach in teaching and research employing social sciences – history, law, political science, economics, etc.