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The European Location Framework (E.L.F.)
Date du début: 1 mars 2013, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

E.L.F. project will foster the wider use of geo-information and enable the creation of innovative value-added services. The purpose of this project is to deliver the European Location Framework (E.L.F.) required to provide up-to-date, authoritative, interoperable, cross-border, reference geo-information for use by the European public and private sectors. Our versatile cloud and cascade supporting architecture provides a platform of INSPIRE compliant geo-information, harmonised at a cross-border and pan-European level.The project's proactive stimulation of content markets involves the creation of example applications, using thematic communities to make user led developments by SMEs (inside and outside the consortium).The consortium are committed to continue to provide the E.L.F. Platform beyond the end of the project, thus enabling growth in the use and re-use of trustworthy, accurate and re-usable official reference geo-information.We aim to create a sustainable European Location Framework (E.L.F.) for re-use of authoritative public sector reference geo-information at multiple levels of detail during the pilot phase and beyond.We'll do this by following objectives to:•\tAdd value to INSPIRE data by contributing to cross border harmonisation;•\tProvide a high performance E.L.F. platform and cloud services that support multiple national feeds and a wide spectrum of value-added services;•\tDevelop operational services which support the policy and legislative programme being developed in parallel in the ISA funded EULF initiative lead by JRC;•\tDemonstrate the usability of the E.L.F. platform and cloud services for key European policy areas and other users including SMEs;•\tSupport integration of 3rd party thematic datasets and National Spatial Data Infrastructures (particularly extending beyond the INSPIRE themes provided by NMCAs) for service implementations based on specific user needs;•\tProvide a user friendly interface to find, view and compare the geo-information.



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