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The European Job Market of the Youth
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim is to implement innovative policy and strategies in order to enhance the integration of young people into the job market and to promote the mobility of youngsters to live a labour experience in another European country. The partners will organise workshops and meetings on the topic of becoming an attractive future employee. We will manage the job interview with professional HR for the students in companies which we already cooperate with, and which declare further cooperation. We also cooperate with local entrepreneurs, job centres and HR specialists within Comenius project, and we will continue the cooperation to help students face with real problems people have while looking for job. Consequently , schools will improve their qualities in many fields, like cooperation with companies and social skills, team working, management, leadership, foreign and national languages skills. Changes for better include e.g. emboding more emphasis on creativity and entrepreneurship to school policy, introducing new topic to obligatory school curriculums (e.g. body language and non-verbal communication, effective speaking, coaching, negotiations, assertiveness and solving problems and others). Schools’ environment will become more transnational and help participants develop their international potential. Smarter students will have more chances to develop and weaker students will find motivation and ways to get a job. We hope students’ basic competences - writing, speaking and ICT skills, will be much better. A great advantage of the project should also be the way the schools will cooperate. As most of the schools know one another quite well from a previous project, we know and concentrated on the positive and negative facts we noticed while comparing the schools for this project. As the result, we based the project on mutual learning and teaching, e.g. German school is excellent at cooperation with companies, so offers experience and skills to share with the other schools. We’d like to take advantage of the resources we have at schools, meaning teachers, advisers, parents, graduates companies and institutions representatives (e.g. job centre, HR), who have declared free help and consulting in the project. The project’s goal is to improve students’ abilities and skills needed to find their place on the job market. We’d like them to be profession – oriented, resourceful, follow ICT trends, aware of the necessity of long - life learning, The horizon goals include: ICT skills development, entrepreneurship, multilinguistic, concentration on real life teaching results. The priorities are supporting and developing profession – orientation, basic competences development, learning motivation. E-twinning is going to be used as a way of long – distance communication and working and is planned to be a continuation after the project is over. A webpage with project products will be used as a free source of information available to everybody, not only those involved directly in the project.



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