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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“The Euro-school reporters” is an ambitious project set to improve our students’ basic and transversal skills as well as to integrate and promote the usage of open digital resources in the daily school work. This project responds to our educational and social needs: - To improve our students’ basic and transversal skills by using innovative and motivating teaching methodologies. - To promote and integrate the usage of the ITC in the school. - To develop students’ and teachers’ English communication skills in a practical way. - To become active European citizenships by developing international cooperation and relations in the frame of Europe. - To motivate and provide teachers and students with a favourable situation for lifelong learning that will open their horizons and enrich their lives. After analysing our needs and difficulties we decided that creating a digital (and interactive) newspaper could be the perfect vehicle for our project. - On one side, as the newspaper will be developed by using open digital resources, both students and teachers will have to learn and improve their ITC skills. They will need to search for information on the internet, take pictures/ record videos with a digital camera/ edit the articles using different programmes (like “Word”, “Adobe”, “paint”…) and create a digital magazine using an online resource (like issuu, calameo, paper…) - On the other side, the different parts of the newspaper (editorial, the weather forecast, how we made it, math challenge games, little garden, family time, project's corner, vocabulary booklet... ) will let us improve our students’ basic and transversal skills while working on different and appealing topics that will cater to the European policies and to our own needs. - Furthermore, our students will take part in the creating process as well as in the management of the newspaper. They will become school reporters that will gather and elaborate the information. They, with the teachers’ help, will also have to write the articles in a digital format and think about the best ways of advertising and taking care of the dissemination of the newspaper inside and outside the school (families, community, local authorities…). This way, the students will have the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurship and have a real approach to the business world. - In addition, English will be our communication language. Teachers and students will be highly motivated to improve their command of the language so that they can develop the activities of the project . Through English we will be able to make new friends around Europe. - Finally, cooperation and teamwork in different levels (students, teachers, families, community…) will be vital. Teachers and students will improve their communication skills and reciprocal learning in what will be a meaningful lifelong learning. Sharing information and working in international teams will allow us to get to know other cultures and ways of thinking better, making us more respectful and tolerant to other countries and life-styles. This will lead us to raise our European conscientious, to feel that we are part of Europe and, consequently, to become active European citicenships. The participating countries are: Lithuania, Slovakia, Greece and Spain. We all have primary school students that will be in charge of the main part of the activities. This variety of languages, cultures and historical backgrounds will enrich the project with an authentic European dimension. In order to achieve of our goals, we will develop collaborative work among international teams. The content of the articles will be gathered in each school by the students and edited by international groups of students during the transnational meetings. Teachers from different schools will work together in the design, implementation and dissemination of the activities and results. They will support and advice the students in the management of the newspaper as well as in the process of the newspaper creation. This project will be carried out in two years. We will develop activities related to the parts of the newspaper, to the creation of the newspaper itself, to the dissemination of the newspaper and to the management of the project. At the end of the project, our students will have worked on and improved their basic and transversal skills in a motivating and ludic way. At the same time, teachers will have learned to use the ITC to carry out a large number of activities in the class and they will have the opportunity to learn from sharing experience other methodologies and educational approaches. They will have also improved their English skills and found new teachers to develop new projects with. The whole community will be benefited from a cultural point of view, and they will become more understanding, tolerant and respectful to the others because, thanks to this newspaper, we will have been able to bring a little part of Europe to their homes and hearts.



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